color to black and white problem

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color to black and white problem

Postby DiggerPuppy » Sun Sep 02, 2012 4:41 pm

I bought the ROKU 2 streaming player yesterday. I use it on an old Mitsubishi CS-31AX1 televison (circa 1995 or so). When I first got it it would only stream in black and white. I found a fix here at Roku forums which is:

Link to post:



- turn TV off.
- Unplug A/V (red/white/yellow) cables from TV/Roku
- Do a factory reset (on roku) - Use a paper clip to press and hold button on the back of the Roku for at least 30 seconds.
- wait 10 min
- unplug power cord from Roku
- plug back A/V (red/white/yellow) cables to TV/Roku
- Plug back power cord to Roku
- turn TV on

That worked just fine. However when I use the TV's remote to access another part of the televsion (These are the options):

Extension 1 which is my DVD
Input B which is my tape player
Input A which is straight TV
Extension 2 which is Roku

Roku goes back to streaming black and white and I have to repeat the steps I posted to get the color back. Does anyone know what might be going on? It is a hassle to get the color back, although I'm grateful someone here posted how to get it done. I can't think of any reason this is happening other than my TV is using old technology.

Any help\suggestions or a shortcut other than all the above steps would be appreciated.

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Re: color to black and white problem

Postby mikebdoss » Sun Sep 02, 2012 7:49 pm

Honestly, the problem is that you're using a TV from almost 20 years ago. Do you experience the same issues if you use your DVD's cables for the Roku?
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Re: color to black and white problem

Postby microlady » Tue Sep 04, 2012 9:52 am

One of the TV's I use with my Roku is a 1995 CRT RCA. I use the RCA cables (Yellow, red, white) for the connection. This TV is set up so it has a special channel 00 That shows whatever is connected to the RCA input jacks. I use my TV remote only to go to the Video Channel 00 and then I use my Roku remote to actually control the Roku itself.

My other TV is a HDTV with RCA input jacks. It's input selection lists all jacks, such as HDMI, RCA, etc., I use the TV remote to chose the input to watch (being the RCA Video (yellow) and audio (red and white).

I don't understand why you lose the color except it might have something to do with using your TV remote to control the Roku. Do you have the Roku remote that came with the box? Have you put your TV on the channel that can input from your RCA input jacks? Then once the TV is showing Roku, use the Roku remote?

The only other remote I know of that handles Roku okay is a Harmony Remote, which I do have one. However, I use the TV remote for the TV itself and when I want to watch my DVD player or the Roku, I use the TV remote to go to the area where they will be input from and use the player or Roku remote to watch whichever of these inputs I have selected. I do have an A/V switch so I can send any of the accessories to my TV A/V input jacks.

Maybe the above will give you some more clues to try. I think there is a way to solve this but it is hard to give advice not knowing your actual setup of connections and the brand names of what you are trying to interconnect.

Anyway, hope this helps.
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Re: color to black and white problem

Postby microlady » Wed Sep 05, 2012 9:27 am

Some added thoughts. When I use the RCA yellow video plug, I have had happen a loss of color when the input jack was defective. Also can happen when the plug is not firmly seated.

As far as the first one above, you said your DVD player is on Extension 1. Is your color okay here? Are you using a RCA yellow video plug for this connection?

You said you have a problem with the Roku on Extension 2. Have you had anything connected to this jack before? Maybe the jack is the problem unless you can use the same cables as for the Roku and connect your dvd player to extension 2 and see if there is any problem with the color while watching a DVD.

Or, you might connect your Roku to Extension 1 using the same RCA cables as your DVD player and see if it works okay there.

If Extension 2 jack is the problem you can get a simple video switcher and use it for Extension 1 with a switch between the DVD player and the Roku. As you watch one at a time, it would be simple to switch from one Video In to the other Video In using a switcher (not expensive).

Let us know what you have tried and if anything worked out to be the answer.
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