Roku HD-XR initial set-up and software update problems

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Roku HD-XR initial set-up and software update problems

Postby ChemEng » Thu Jun 24, 2010 9:50 pm

I just bought a Roku HD-XR and wired it up to my AV system. I have a Belkin Wireless N router using 128 bit WEP to connect to RCN cable internet. I hooked the Roku up and everything initially connected to the network smoothly, but it then went to an automatic software update mode and it just hung there for over 30 minutes indicating 0% progress. I attempted to restart the Roku by cycling the its power, and also resetting the cable modem and router. I then was able to connect to the router, but could not connect to the network. I followed instructions in the forum where some users had success temporarily disabling the firewall and security; similarly I was able to connect to the network. Now the Roku continues to hang up at the software update. It sits at 0% progress and I am not sure what is going on. The device in general looks fairly simple, and I would think everything should be straight forward and able to be complete in 30 minutes or less; however, I am now going on 5 hrs and am getting frustrated and not sure what to do or try next. Has anyone else had and successfully resolved this problem? Can anyone comment on how long the software update is supposed to take, or the file size of the update? The Roku documentation that came with the unit makes it appear as if it is plug-and-play and does not include any troubleshooting instructions. If any one has any advice or direction on how to resolve this problem or help clarify what, if any, diagnostics might identify the problem I would appreciate their help.
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Re: Roku HD-XR initial set-up and software update problems

Postby DerekHelps » Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:02 pm

Try getting it setup using a wired connection first, see if you can get the software update to complete that way, then try connecting again.
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Re: Roku HD-XR initial set-up and software update problems

Postby derobert » Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:15 pm

The update should be fairly quick. On my 25mbps FiOS connection, I believe it is under a minute. Assuming you're not on a dial up modem, it should complete in far less than half an hour!

Maybe the update server is down? I'd try again later. Either that, or try it connected with a wired ethernet connection.
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Re: Roku HD-XR initial set-up and software update problems

Postby bingo » Fri Jun 25, 2010 3:57 am

I have 2 boxes. One updated to the new netflix interface on its own about a month ago and my other box is still at 2.5 build 388. I tried a manual update but it failed at 89%. Both boxes work fine. Are they still pushing out the new updates or are they on hold?
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Re: Roku HD-XR initial set-up and software update problems

Postby ChemEng » Fri Jun 25, 2010 4:29 am

I do not have a long enough RJ-45 to reach the router or modem, but will try relocating box to a PC near the router and cable modem later this evening.

The internet connection is not dial-up, it is a broadband cable service.

This is a "brand new just out of box Roku" and once you plug it in it goes through the selection of wired/wireless internet selection, security key, and maybe one or two other screens that are really just user prompts. There is not an option screen to choose if you wish to perform an update or not.

***** To the people at Roku, it is my opinion that soft/firmware updates post-purchase should be optional, and that a brand new product should be shipped with the latest soft/firmware pre-installed. As a consumer, when I receive a brand new product the first thing I do is make sure it is not broken and appears to work. For electronics such as a router or PC, I will verify functionality first, and then process updates if I am interested. In this case, the device is definitely not as plug-and-play as the cartoon like installation sheet makes it appear. As it stands I do not know if my product works or not, and as I understand the terms of sale and/or warranty offered by Roku my clock is ticking. *****
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