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by Peter Jarrett
Thu Feb 14, 2008 4:06 pm
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: "Send" currently playing item to another Roku
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"Send" currently playing item to another Roku

Hi All, One feature I would love to have is to be able to use the remote on one roku to send the current item to my other Roku. I have 2 rokus in the house, a 1000 and a 2000. One is upstairs and the other is downstairs. Would be great if i could click Select, then scroll to "Send to RokuLounge...
by Peter Jarrett
Fri Jul 22, 2005 9:03 am
Forum: Feature Request Forum
Topic: Hardware Feature Requests
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Active Speakers

Following on from Saul's suggestion, What about a pair of speakers built to match the main Soundbridge body. One would be active and the other passive. These would click onto the roku chassis exactly the same way the end caps do at the moment so you just pull off the ends and hook these on instead. ...