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M1001 - Somewhat minor problem

Tue Mar 08, 2011 7:22 pm

For some reason, one of my M1001's (I have three in service here) loses the correct time. That's all - everything else is functioning normally. And it's the unit closest to, and with fewest walls between, the WRT54GS router. The two others, an M1000 and an M1001 in different rooms, function normally, clock-wise. I can re-set the errant M1001 (remove/re-connect the power) and the clock re-sets to the correct time and seems to function normally. But when I look at it maybe 6 hours later, it has jumped to the wrong time.
This clock problem started several weeks ago. It didn't used to behave this way. Are there instances of other M1001s doing this? Could it be indicative of a weakening power supply? Sure, it's no big deal and the M1001 seems to function normally otherwise. If it's the wall wart on the way out, I can handle that. If it means going inside the unit, I may get in touch with Matt and go from there.
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