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R1000 Network/Internet Radio problem

Sun Jun 30, 2013 1:05 am

Hi, My R1000 Soundbridge stopped working yesterday. The unit powers up fine and appears to be connected to my home wifi - shows correct date and time for example. However it wouldn't connect to any of my presets or search or browse for new stations and my Android app would no longer see the R1000. I reset to factory defaults and no change.

Funny thing, just as I was writing this desperate plea for help, I decided to try and find the R1000 from my desktop. Found it and could play music from my desktop to the soundbridge. So tried search searching for stations again and voila - back in action. So now I just need to programme my presets again and (fingers crossed) all will be fine.

So is this something that has happened to anyone? Any ideas what happened? Cheers.

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