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Two Questions About SoundBridge

Wed Jan 04, 2006 12:57 pm

Hi All:

Considering purchasing a SoundBridge M2000, and I was wondering about the following:

1 - Are the analog and digital audio outputs simultaneously active, such that you can connect the digital output to your home A/V receiver, and the analog output to an FM transmitter (which I use to send internet audio outside to my FM Walkman on 87.9 while cutting the yard)?

2 - When listening to internet audio on Windows Media Player (currently through my laptop attached by wire to my home A/V receiver), I keep the WMP 10-band equalizer set in a way that I think makes the audio sound better on my home A/V system. If you choose to access internet audio directly through the SoundBridge connected to your home A/V receiver (with the computer off), is the Windows Media Player equalizer setting somehow reproducible through the SoundBridge (even if it had to be set up once initially through the laptop)? I don't really ever change the equalizer - I just set it once and forget it.

Thanks in advance for your kind assistance - SoundBridge looks like a great product to me so far.
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Wed Jan 04, 2006 1:05 pm

1: Yes
2: No - it doesn't know anything about WMP - if you want hi-fi sound you record in lossless and connect digitally
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