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soundbridge m2000 repair in U.S. OR need extra part to repai

Fri Nov 01, 2013 9:19 pm

Most embarrassing story.....Need repair advice and spare part.

I couldn't find my original power adapter for the unit, so I bought one at my local Shack..... RADIO SHACK. (for those of you wondering, of course the helpful sales associate was not helpful.)

I was actually excited to find a 24V power adapter... hard to find.
I mistakenly bought a 24V-- 1 amp supply, and after plugging it in I realized my real big mistake!

I 'accidentally' hooked mine up to a 24V AC power supply.
The Soundbridge obviously needs a DC supply.

So I got the 'grey smoke of death' !!!!! and the lovely perfume of burning electronics. Obviously I am not pleased.

Anyway, I am moderately savvy with electronics, but don't have any repair equipment to use right now to fix it.

I am pretty sure it is just the power input card that is fried. It has visible damage. (this is the power input / audio output card)

So, who knows where to get one of these repaired?
Does anyone have a spare part?
I just need the power card. (this is the one with the audio outputs and power plug)

I have taken pictures of the card that I need, and can email you the picture for reference

Thanks guys!
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Re: soundbridge m2000 repair in U.S. OR need extra part to r

Mon Nov 04, 2013 6:45 am

Matt is still repairing them. Contact userid Burkhardi.


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