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Browse albums by genre

Fri Dec 10, 2004 7:03 am

Is this working as expected?

I select Browse->Browse Genre->Blues

The first thing shown is <show all matching albums>, scrolling down shows artists within the genre. But, selecting <show all matching albums>, just brings up <show all matching songs> with nothing to scroll through. No list of albums. I do have albums in that genre (artists were listed in the earlier scroll). Selecting <show all matching songs> gives a listing of all songs in the genre. Can I not get a listing of albums in the genre?

I am using 2.1 beta 4, but since I'm not sure this is a bug, I didn't report it over in the bug thread. I am using WMC for a server.
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Sat Dec 11, 2004 2:52 pm

I also noticed this and was curious as well.
It would be nice to get a list of albums per genre.

Is this a bug, or a feature? :)
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Sun Dec 12, 2004 7:12 pm

Just checking in on this thread, is this a bug Roku, or do we need to file in feature requests?

Sun Dec 12, 2004 8:03 pm

Actually, it's an aspect of using WMC which doesn't index albums by genre (like iTunes does). So, it's really neither a bug nor a feature. We left the intermediate screen there (with just "show matching albums") there for the day when, hopefully, WMC will keep track of genres for albums, in which case it will just work (I think).

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