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Not ALL iTunes Playlists load

Fri Mar 25, 2016 2:15 pm

I've had a Soundbridge M500 for years now.
Worked fine.
Built a new computer, it works fine.
The Soundbridge was connected to a Netgear wireless router, everything worked fine.

Here is the where the problem will start:

Got rid of the Netgear Wireless router because Comcast sent me a new Internet Modem with a built in Wireless Router.
I have sucessfully hooked up all my computers, printers etc.
EXCEPT the Soundbridge. Found out it did not support WPA only 802.11.
FINE....I bought a TP-Link WiFi connection.
Computer recognizes TP-Link, and Soundbridge.
I've allowed streaming to the Soundbridge.

BUT even though I have 15-20 playlists, it only shows 2.

Where are the rest?
How do I get the Soundbridge to see all of the Playlists(it use to in the past)

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