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How To Submit A New Station To Radio Roku

Fri Mar 28, 2008 9:14 am


For any station to receive “Approval” to be included in the Live database of Radio Roku the prime consideration is that it actually plays on the SoundBridge.
Only those streams that actually play on the SoundBridge will receive approval !!!

It should be noted that many stations do not broadcast 24/7, whilst others may have Restricted Access (ie Licensing-Restrictions) and be Geo-Locked to only the residents of a specific country.

First check that your ‘New’ station is not already listed within the database. To do this, go to the Volunteer Center and open the “All Streams” widget. You can then use the Search-panel in the top left corner of your browser window to check if your station is available, bearing in mind that it must be fully edited before it can be submitted.

Next you should check that “your” station/stream actually plays on the SoundBridge PRIOR to submitting it to Radio Roku for approval:

1. Open the "Presets" page of your Soundbridge's web interface with your browser. The address is SoundBridgePresets.html (where is the IP address of your Soundbridge).

2. Type or paste the audio URL that you wish to submit into a preset of your choice (location C6 usually is a good choice) and press the corresponding ‘Play’ button. If it does not play on your SoundBridge then it is pointless submitting it.

3. If the station plays on your Soundbridge, please make sure that you hear the regular programming. Some audio stream URLs contain opening adverts that will cause the Soundbridge to endlessly repeat the advert and never play the regular programming. In all such cases it is totally pointless to submit the station.

Having now confirmed that the stream plays on your SoundBridge, please proceed as follows to ensure a successful submission:

a. Within the Volunteer Center, left-click the “Add Stream” widget.
b. Enter the audio stream URL, and the Station’s Name. Click the “Submit” button.
c. A new Edit Page will appear for you to complete all the other required details:

If the Edit Page comes up showing station details (i.e. Description, Genre or Language), the audio stream URL you submitted is already listed within the database of Radio Roku.

Note: You should ensure that you only use the correct title for the station, and not some ‘slang’ call-name that the DJ may use. Example: The DJ may call the Station "The Moose 100.7”
The correct name to be used is "KMOZ 100.7 FM"

• Stream URLs derived from radio portals (e.g. VTuner, Shoutcast, Goldmusic, Surfmusic) unless these URLs are explicitly offered to the public by the actual station as listed on their webpage;
• Webpage URLs ending with ".php", ".htm"., ".html" as these are not valid stream URLs;
• URLs derived from streaming services (e.g. Live365, Pandora or Iceberg Radio) unless these URLs are explicitly offered to the public by the actual station;
• Stream URLs containing any type of Personal Authentication or Login Data, (use one of the presets of your Soundbridge to play these).

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