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How To Submit Updates For Existing Stations

Fri Mar 28, 2008 9:15 am

To submit replacement or additional stream URLs for an existing station:

1. First check that all streams that you intend to submit will actually play on the SoundBridge PRIOR to submitting them to Radio Roku. It is totally pointless to submit any stream if it does not play on the SoundBridge :
• Open the "Presets" page of your Soundbridge's web interface with your browser. The address is SoundBridgePresets.html (where is the IP address of your Soundbridge).
• Type or paste the audio URL that you wish to submit into a preset of your choice (location C6 usually is a good choice) and press the corresponding ‘Play’ button.

2. Log-in to, go to the "Volunteer Centre", use the "Add A Stream" widget.
• When entering or pasting your new URL make sure there are no spaces or other characters not belonging to the stream URL trailing at the beginning or the end as this will prevent your new stream from playing. Double-check for this very common fault.
• Double-check that there are no typos in the stream URL you entered or pasted.
• Ensure that the name of the station that you enter with your 'new' replacement stream URL is EXACTLY the same as the existing station that is listed in the Radio Roku database.
• Now add the following comment within the ‘Description Box’: MODERATOR: NEW STREAM URL FOR EXISTING STATION
• Tick the “Submit for approval” box, and then click the “Submit” button.

• Stream URLs derived from radio portals (e.g. VTuner, Shoutcast, Goldmusic, Surfmusic) unless these URLs are explicitly offered to the public by the actual station as listed on their webpage;
• Webpage URLs ending with ".php", ".htm"., ".html" as these are not valid stream URLs;
• URLs derived from streaming services (e.g. Live365, Pandora or Iceberg Radio) unless these URLs are explicitly offered to the public by the actual station;
• Stream URLs containing any type of Personal Authentication or Login Data (use one of the presets of your Soundbridge to play these).

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