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Roku Radio Snooper won't connect to internet

Sun Mar 29, 2009 10:51 am

I'm using Win XP with a NVIDIA network adaptor and connect my computer to the internet OK.
Snooper V2.10.06, which auto detects the NVIDIA adaptor but won't connect Snooper to the internet. I get the "FAILED" message
The sniffing engine driver is WinPcap.
I just re-downloaded Snooper and still does not connect.

Snooper connects to Sound Bridge M1001 OK

I just tested the "URL Snooper" version 2.23.01 and it connects to the Internet ok, it uses WinPCap 4.1 beta 5, I don't know if that means anything, however the Roku version still does not connect.

Any suggestions on how to fix this greatly appreciated.

Thanks Kiliman

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