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Internet Radio Presets - Observations/Questions

Tue Jan 31, 2006 2:26 pm

Hi All:

Just got my new M1001 running last night (great product!). I've reviewed some of the comments about internet radio stream presets, and I thought I'd add my observations and a question or two.

I bought my Soundbridge mostly to listen to internet radio streams through my home audio system without having to turn on my laptop. Upon setting everything up and downloading the latest beta software, I set up 18 presets of stations I listen to most often.

I notice that my presets became alphabetically integrated with the 50 or so non-changeable other presets provided by Roku. Although this isn't really that bad, I'd probably prefer my presets to be somehow located under a separate menu. I could also easily use many more presets.

On my laptop, I store internet radio stream urls in my IE Favorites/Media folder, in about 15 subfolders by genre: Alternative, Jazz, News-Talk, Sports, etc. I have probably 200 presets stored in this way, and perhaps not too many others are this hard-core about it, but I've been listening to internet radio for several years this way, with the laptop plugged (by a long "headphone" wire) into an "Aux" input on my home audio receiver.

I just installed Windows Media Connect on the laptop, but haven't done much with it yet. When I do choose to turn the laptop on, what's the best way to readily access my IE internet stream presets (by genre folders) and send stream commands to the Soundbridge?

Is there any chance I'll be able to copy all of my presets (organized in the way I currently have them) over to the Soundbridge, to access without the computer? That would be the best...

Thanks in advance for your comments...

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