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Windows Media 10 Playlists

Thu Feb 09, 2006 11:07 pm

Hi All:

Just learning how to make playlists in Windows Media Player 10 - so far, they're all readily recognized by my SoundBridge, (M1001, 2.5.88 beta) except for one thing I just tried. I see that, in addition to playlists related to music files stored on your computer, WMP 10 actually allows you to also create the same type of playlist populated solely by internet radio urls - it lists them in the order you place them in the playlist, and upon double-clicking the playlist name, the first station url starts playing (on the computer only). Of course, since the "tracks" have infinite duration (unlike a song), there's no switching to the second "track" (the second url in the playlist) unless it's done manually. I stored this new type of playlist on my computer right next to all my others, but it's not recognized at all by the SoundBridge, and I'm just curious as to why (even if it didn't play, I thought the SoundBridge might at least "see" the new playlist). Thought I might be able to create a scrollable "playlist" in WMP 10 of internet radio urls that I could access from the SoundBridge directly (when the computer's on), in addition to my 18 presets (accessible with the computer off).


Fri Feb 10, 2006 1:23 am

Unfortunately, WMC still doesn't support sharing of internet radio streams.

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