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Accounting Page and Payment Information

Fri May 17, 2019 4:52 am


I'm a new developer and our channel is almost ready to go.  I've read most of the documents but
I can not find the Accounting Section if it exists.  I need to know for reporting purposes and
to make business decisions, how many people are subscribe to the channel, unsubscribing to the channel,
reasons for their unscribing etc.  I need to generate future reports for our managers.

I also need to see when our company is expecting payment etc.  I read somewhere develops receives their payments
60 days after yada yada.  However, I need to see the upcoming payments.

I checked the dashboard and can't find this information.  Perhaps I'm not looking
too hard and I overlooked it or it's found at another site location.

Can anyone help?


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Re: Accounting Page and Payment Information

Mon Jun 10, 2019 5:54 pm

Hello Andres - if you are still looking for feedback regarding your questions from last month, here are a couple of observations
For new subscribers and unsubscribing (cancellations), on the Developer dashboard there is a link under My Developer Info the link Transaction Reporting
Clicking on Transaction Reporting takes you to Sales and transaction activity
Select a channel from the drop down menu (if you have multiple channels)
This report is a spreadsheet style report, showing calendar dates and subscriber transaction type (purchase, cancellation)

My experience is that your payment should be the beginning of each calendar month, and yes, there is about a 60 day "hold" 
The payment I received at the beginning of June 2019, was approximately for subscriber payments captured for the days of the calendar month of March 2019

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