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Conversion of Direct Publisher to SDK

Sun Jul 28, 2019 7:53 am

Instant TV Channel ( now supports importing Direct Publisher JSON and XML feeds into Instant TV Channel's native format. Any Direct Publisher channel can be easily converted into an editable SDK channel in order to take advantage of eye-catching SDK special-effects, layouts, and monetization options such as in-channel purchasing and using multiple VAST ad tags simultaneously.

  • Instant TV Channel supports SDK and Direct Publisher at the same time, allowing the channel publishing method to be quickly changed back and forth if necessary.
  • Multiple Direct Publisher feeds can be imported into a single channel.
  • Direct Publisher feeds can be combined with content from other sources.
  • SDK channels avoid the delays associated with waiting for Roku to check and update each revision of a Direct Publisher feed.
  • When using Instant TV Channel, building an SDK channel is no more difficult than building a Direct Publisher channel.

Example Channel:
Instant TV Channel Documentation:

Please contact with any questions. - Build a Roku channel in 5 minutes!

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