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What is the version of your DP channel?

Sun Aug 11, 2019 10:01 am

I noticed that there are 2 kinds of Direct publisher channels.
Currently, some of them are:
  • Version 1.30 with the Build number of your revision (For example build 12)
  • And some of them are Version 1.2 with the build number of your revision (For example build 12 or so)
I have a couple of DP channels and both of them were Version 1.3. Around 10 days ago one of them turned to V 1.2 !!!
In V 1.2, two new icons have been added to the bottom of the channel, The "Search" and the "About" and the "About" icon showing that the Version of the channel is 2.6.123 (shell 1.2.6)!
Meanwhile, the other channel is still Version 1.30.
Did anyone experience this kind of downgrade? (or upgrade because V1.2 might be newer than V 1.30)

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