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Sun Aug 18, 2019 11:34 pm

Hi Everyone, 
I switched over feed over my a SDK to direct feed and got it to half way work at one point, but now when trying to finalize it I'm getting errors in the feed status. I have made sure the thumbnail is the correct size, tried both png and jpeg and nothing. As far as the feed goes it should be working fine as I can pull it up in VLC. Below is my json, any suggestion? 

[*]1 item has an error: No valid items were found in the feed: validate
[*]1 item has an error: Thumbnail must be 16x9 aspect ratio, at least 800w x 450h, and either in JPG or PNG format.
  "providerName": "Living As One",
  "language": "en-US",
  "lastUpdated": "2019-08-16T18:12:32.125Z",
  "shortFormVideos": [
      "id": "uid34",
      "title": "Freedom City Church",
      "shortDescription": "Our vision is to reach people far from God in the urban centers of the world with the hope of Jesus Christ in order to grow together as committed Christ-followers.",
      "thumbnail": "",
      "genres": [
      "tags": [
      "releaseDate": "2019-08-16",
      "content": {
        "dateAdded": "2019-08-16T14:14:54.431Z",
        "captions": [

        "duration": 53,
        "videos": [
            "url": "",
            "quality": "FHD",
            "videoType": "DASH",
            "bitrate": "3000"

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