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thttpd will work on the Phtotbridge

Wed Jan 10, 2007 6:19 am

Hi all,
Just to see if I could I compiled and launced thttpd and it seems to work well. Its very quick and doesn;t use up too much memory or CPU.

I had to tweak the a bit because I didn't know how to add a new group group (thttpd needs a group called www).

1. comment out references to chrgp and chmod in
2. make sure to run configure with a PREFIX you can write to. The default of /usr/local isn;t writable (type ./configure --help for more info
3. do the usual make; make install
4. i also edited out the man page & extras bit from while I was messing around with this. It may have helped me. haven't tried it with them back in.

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