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Fast Foward problem with MythRoku

Wed May 31, 2006 9:46 pm

Just install MyRoku...What a great program. I am runing 2 ATSC with MythTV...every works great. I hope live function will be implemented soon.
For now, I use the trick "play the file while it is recorded", it works fine but a bit akward when fast forward. Here is the problem:
Assuming program starts from 9'00...MythTV starts recording at 9....At 9'05...watching the program while MythTv is still recording. I am only able to fast forward the program the first 5 min. After that, MythRoku still plays the program but not able to FF.
I was using TSReader with ATSC card, one thing I like is the "split the file"...doing that way, one can use Mplay to play back the file without any problem.
It's unlikly MythTV will supports this feature...:(

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