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Problem with optical audio

Mon Oct 11, 2010 5:06 pm

I'm having a problem with the optical audio on my Roku player. The optial cable is combined with a dvd player through a toslink splitter. The splitter detects which source is producing audio and sends that signal to my Yahama surround receiver. The problem is that when the Roku and DVD player and connected at the same time. I cannot pass audio from the DVD player to the receiver eventhough there is no Audio coming from the Roku. The Roku will be displaying the welcome screen with no audio but still the audio signal will not pass trough the splitter to the receiver. If I unplug the Rku unit the sound from the DVD player the signal passes right through to the receiver. If the DVD player and Roku are connected to the splitter at the same time the Roku passes audio through the splitter just fine. This is the second splitter and I have tried replacing the optical audio cables. SOmething in the Roku is preventing the passing of signal from the DVD player but I'm at a loss. I cpuld try other options but I'd like to figure this out. It's like there is an audio signal is coming from the Roku that only the splitter is hearing. Thanks

Found out today that because the Roku box is always on it emmiting a continuous signal through the optical audio port which prevents the toslink splitter from recognizing the signal from the DVD player. In other words until Roku comes up with a way to power the box down without unplugging then a toslink splitter will not work
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Re: Problem with optical audio

Thu Nov 11, 2010 12:39 pm

What kind/type, OEM number of of "splitter" - for 2 inputs to one output you need an optical switch.

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