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Newbe seeks input.

Sun Oct 24, 2010 4:58 pm

Hi All,

Had Roku for a few days now and like most things, as familiarity increases , so do the questions. I have the Roku HDMI feeding into a Sony A/V Receiver and HDMI out to the TV.
Roku HDMI direct to TV was disappointing, in terms of Picture quality and the receiver appears to help.
Only sound I get is Linear PCM, even though in settings, the Roku is set to 5.1.

The Quality "dot" Indicator shows Four dots, no matter what's streamed from Netflix always four dots. What's the Maximum number " in a perfect world" ?

I guess my question is : Am I really streaming HD ?, does not look like HD. It is watchable though. TV says it's 720p display,(even though Box is set for 1080p) and TV and receiver are both 1080i and 1080P capable.

At night, all equipment is switched off . Roku is left plugged in and red light visible (no off switch). Next day the only way to get Roku awake and working is to pull out the power cord connector and reseat it (boot the box ).
Download speed from cable is a consistant 20+ Mbps.

Any Roku experts like to chime in with a little input and info. , would really appreciate it.

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Re: Newbe seeks input.

Sun Oct 24, 2010 5:54 pm

I don't know what you are watching, but Netflix only streams in 720P and does not yet have Dolby 5.1 available. That could be part of your problem. Further, right now, as far as I know, Roku only has 1080p available through the USB port for now.

You can watch HD material from Amazon on Demand (for example) with Dolby 5.1. (From what I have read, not all HD material on AOD has 5.1 sound available)
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Re: Newbe seeks input.

Sun Oct 24, 2010 8:17 pm

4 dots is the most you can get. If a movie is shown in HD it will display HD next to fourth dot. Look in the HD genres section of netflix. Test out HD that way. Only some movies are shown in HD. Don't know about why you have to reboot. You may want to PM one of the Roku engineers like RokuJon. If you informed him of your situation. Then provide him your serial # on your roku. He can look at your logs. Maybe he would provide you some feedback....
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Re: Newbe seeks input.

Sun Oct 24, 2010 8:33 pm

Thanks folks, appreciate the input.

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