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Do you want this feature too? (option for switching off WLAN completely, at least during standby-mode and display off)

29 (88%)
4 (12%)
Total votes: 33
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Sun Aug 19, 2007 1:29 pm

humba wrote:
I think it would be best to have the "real standby" behavior as an option

Indeed. There should be a "shut down" command that you can navigate to via the remote. The standby key on the remote would perform its current function - sleep.
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Sun Aug 19, 2007 3:35 pm

HarryDymond wrote:
Indeed. There should be a "shut down" command that you can navigate to via the remote. The standby key on the remote would perform its current function - sleep.

I think it's not comfortable for those people who want to shutdown completely, especially WLAN. I think an additional option for shutdown/sleep mode would be better ... pressing the standby-key and the soundbridge go down to the mode which ist configured ... completely or normal sleep.

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Mon Aug 20, 2007 2:00 am

I also would like to see a deep standby feature.

By entering this mode (e.g. by pressing the standby button on the remote for 5 seconds) this should happen:

-the display turns off
-the Wireless connection is cut off and the the wireless controller is powered off
-all audio outputs are powered off
-all other not needed controllers, devices, chips... are powered off
-the main CPU enters an idle state
-the SoundBridge can still be started with the remote - but it takes a bit longer

This all would help to save energy, when the SoundBridge is not working and it don't need to be restarted for some time (e.g. over night). For me it makes no sense, that the device is fully powered (wireless connection, main CPU, optical audio out) in standby mode, when I'm not at home... OK - I could pull the power plug (it's somewere behind my shelf) - but using the remote is much more comfortable!
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Tue Aug 21, 2007 6:27 am

thefish wrote:
By entering this mode (e.g. by pressing the standby button on the remote for 5 seconds) ...

I recognize that more and more people would have this feature too. How Roku will implement it it's their choice, we only could give thought-provoking impulses ...

But i want to seize the suggestion above with concern:

Generelly it would be fine to shutdown the soundbridge completely, but the way to do that i think is not the way explained above. Think about the rest of your families which will use the soundbridge too! As an example my wife and my little child love listening music through the soundbridge, but if i explain, that there are different modes for switching off the soundbridge they will surrender and never use it. So my suggestion is to implement the feature as an additional variable in the setup-section of the soundbridge. The one who setups the soundbridge could decide which way should be used to shutdown the soundbridge and other non-technic-freaks were not burdened with the decision what they have to do to switch it off ... they push simply the power button on the remote.


(sorry for my bad english)
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Thu Dec 06, 2007 7:52 am

Hello Roku again,

what is the state of this request?

If you are not sure, that WLAN and the electromagnetic radiation makes people sick, then please explain, why four librarys in Paris turned off the WLAN because of people complaining headache and more since the WLAN is installed ?

Read the article here ...

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Sun Dec 09, 2007 4:16 am

Well the SOundbridge is actually one of the better devices in terms of standby consumption (which is rather low, deep below 5W). Most other devices use more.

Nevertheless everything that cna be done to save energy should be done, especially on devices that are designed to be left running on standby. Leaving the WLAN on when there is no point of doiung it could be considered a design flaw from this view.

My little son sickened with leukemia and the scientist
said, that this could happen because of electromagnetic radiation
(like WLAN, mobile telephoning etc.).

Please take a baseball bat and beat the scientist (or rather so called scientist I am inclined to say) with it. Hes an idiot and deserves it for talking nonsense.

Despite quite some research on these topics still no connection between electromagentic energy in everyday life and any illness - not to speak of cancer - has been found yet. Most serious scientists consider it extremely unlikely that such a connection exists therefore.
PLUS - if it was then mobile phones and such would score 1-2 levels of magnitude higher on the danger list than WLANs (Watts vs mWatts), so one can practically rule out your fear. The cancer did certainly not come from the WLAN...
Those who sacrifice freedom over safety deserve neither.
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Mon Dec 10, 2007 2:48 am

Hello mas,

first i have to say a "sorry for my bad english" ...

Then let me say that not the scientists are idiots, but people like you, here a sorry again, it's not personal based on you.

Fact is, that electromagnetic radiation is not natural in the dimension we have it today. Many studies say that this radiation has no effects on human bodies, but there are studies too, which say the opposite. Actually no one could say what's right or wrong. I also wrote (see your quote above), that the scientists said, leukemia "could happen because of eletromagnetic radiation", i never said "leukemia happens because of electromagnetic radiation". Why leukemia even begins knows nobody, but they have presumptions.

But let me think about the future. What if radiation has effects on our (and our childrens too) bodies and we found out that in a few years? "oh, sorry, we sold products that makes you ill, bad luck" ... i think that this way is not the right one.

My opinion is, that something i don't need at the moment should not be active and this is the WLAN during the soundbrigde is off, that's the simple request. It saves power regardless of the mass and it "could" (!) help reducing unneeded radiation which "could" generate cancer, which we do not really know at the moment. We should took the look ahead ...

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Wed Dec 12, 2007 2:17 am

I think this is a great idea and Roku should implement it as soon as possible.

I think this is going to more and more important as M1001 only supports 802.11b and we all know that mixing techniques like 11g and 11n is not working very good. When I'm not using my lovely Roku I don't want my wireless network to be affected and loose speed due to that the Roku is ALWAYS connected to the network. This is even more important as 11n supports far greater speed in the network than 11b.

How is Roku working with this problem? It was more than 3 months since we got an update, as the author points out there already exists a method to shutdown the wireless (when you connect the Roku to a wired network) so this shouldn't be a problem.

And make it optional so that you have to turn this option on in order to be able to turn the wireless completely off. Then no users will be affected unless they turn on this feature.
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Good Request

Mon Jun 09, 2008 1:24 am

A good Request. The WLan off when the SoundBridge off is a good Idea. The Internet Connection is not disconnect when the SoundBridge at WLan connectet to the Router, when the SoundBridge is off.

I hope that Feature are implement at the next Firmware Update.

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