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Preset Mgt Utility or Finish RCP Spec?

Fri Oct 26, 2007 12:49 pm

I've been using FM.72's fantastic utility discussed here for quite some time now to back up presets and sync presets across multiple soundbridges.

But the problem is that FM.72 (or any other developer for that matter) can't do much of anything with "playlist presets". FM.72's utility relies on a http post to the Soundbridge web page for syncing, so if, for example you wanted to change a preset from a radio-type to a playlist-type by syncing, it won't work because the web page doesn't make the type updateable in that instance (i.e. not allowed to create playlist presets on the web page...only via remote control).

I've also noted that in the current RCP documentation, functions for working with playlist-type presets still aren't exposed to 3rd party developers, even though they've been available since 2.5. The statement in the doc is... "Complete support will be available in a future software release".

So I actually have 2 requests:

1) Finish RCP and expose the complete preset functionality so some of the bright 3rd party developers can improve their products.

2) Actually offer a Roku-developed preset backup/sync utility that can be run from a web browser.

It's really inconvenient that the only way to create or modify playlist-type presets is via the remote.
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Sat Oct 27, 2007 4:43 am

Alternatively, a backup / copy / sync function could be added to the radioroku website. I recently had to perform a factory reset of my R1000 and lost all my presets :( - some form of backup / restore is required.

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Wed Mar 12, 2008 8:26 pm

Huh, I missed this one...

A slight correction to what jtbse wrote seems due: True is, SB-sync relied on the web interface in very early versions only. It has been completely rewritten to use RCP.

Nevertheless, the point about RCP (or its documentation) being incomplete is sadly true. In fact, that's the reason why further development of the tool is not of the highest priority for me at the moment.


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