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Displaying your playlists from your PC

Fri May 02, 2008 12:13 pm

I have the M-1000 Roku SoundBridge. I understand that the Roku unit itself displays my entire playlists that is have set up in itunes through the digital display, that's fine, but not very convenient. I would like to know if is it possible to display my entire playlist on the roku PC interface instead of just showing "Now Playing"?
One of the things that I really don't like about this wireless set up is that all my playlists display in the "tiny" digital display of the roko unit, but only display the "Now Playing" song (one single song) in the PC interface. This is very inconvenient considering the amount of scrolling you have to do in a large song selection on that little tiny screen on the M-1000. Very hard to DJ songs in my house with the current set up.
The M-1000 obviously picks up my playlist from my itunes software, why not have the roku PC interface display more than just the "Now Playing". If my playlist were to display on my PC screen it would be much easier to navigate to the next song (like i do in itunes) and select it for the next choice. I do have preferred playlists set up, but again, it would be nice to control the roku from my desktop rather than from a remote and a tiny display screen to navigate my playlists.
I do however have my itunes up on my PC screen and cross reference my playlists to help navigate through the roku unit, but it does not eliminate all the constant scrolling. Plus, for users like me, I set my roku on a RF universal remote behind an entertainment center so I can't see the display unless I keep the cabinet door open. Again only displaying one song on the PC interface is a problem because it eliminates the choice of navigation from my PC and I have to constantly reference my playlist in itunes and use the remote to navigate to the songs rather than the luxury of using my PC.
When I first purchased my roku M-1000, I set it up on another stereo that is adjacent to my theatre room and PC, so I couldn't see the unit without walking into the next room anyways, hence the luxury of selecting the song right from the PC interface. I thought the wireless set up was supposed to be a convenience to be able to play songs remotely from your PC?
Whether I use my RF band remote control from universal remote control (nice) to power up my roku through my cabinetry, or in the next room, it is still a huge inconvenience to control the song choice from the actual tiny little digital screen display scrolling/hunting through 1000's of songs. Would be much easier to control the unit from the PC interface. Well, ok, so you can fast forward or go back to the last You get the idea. Please advise.

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