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Soundbridge and Time Capsule (or other NAS)

Sat Jul 05, 2008 11:04 am

I know, the Soundbridge needs a server app to work, being it iTunes, Firefly or one of the other ones supported.

Well, we now have this nice Time Capsule for our backups. And it works as a simple fileserver via AFP and SMB as well. Ideal as a central storage for your music library. But you still have to boot up your Mac or PC to be able to access your music. What a pity!

Instead of waiting until Apple adds an iTunes Server to the Time Capsule, which might happen or not, what about, if the Soundbridge would access the iTunes Library XML file, which holds all the information necessary to browse or search within your music library. And then directly access the songs via AFP or SMB.

And if the iTunes Library XML file is too big to be parsed by the Soundbridge, why not hacking together a small perlscript, that we can run on our iTunes Mac/PC (periodically or on iTunes-quit), that extracts only the information required by the Soundbridge and stores it in a compact file on the Time Capsule for easy, fast access from the Soundbridge?

Would make it much easier to use the Soundbridge and would save the environment as well, if you don't have to run another server machine 24/7 only to stream your music to your Soundbridge clients occasionally.

Roku, I don't ask you to develop this free of charge. This is an additional feature, never advertised for the Soundbridge, so sell it for $30 as an extension to download and I buy it at a heartbeat! You could match the purchases with MAC address of the Soundbridge like you already did with the beta firmware, so you could prevent this extension from being pirated without paying for it.

BTW: This tip to make some money is free of charge. ;-)


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