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Roku To Go

Thu Dec 02, 2010 8:00 am

This is a product request, not a feature request. You guys are great at building low-cost media players that look nice, so I think you are the best people out there to try to tackle this. I have been waiting for a device like this for literally years (before the first generation iPhone came out). And, from the people I have talked to, most of the people who aren't buying the iPad are also holding out for a device like this. They all know it is on the horizon, just not who is going to make it or when it is going to arrive or what it's going to be called.

Please build a Roku To Go device with the following characteristics:

1080p Capacitive Touchscreen 9" tall x 16" wide (cinematic view)
Child-proof "power on" button on the long side. By child-proof, I mean a toddler cannot easily turn it on/off.
Style should be similar to the Nook Color, HTC Evo 4G, or the JooJoo.
There should be a single "Home" button on the left and right sides so it can be held in either hand. Holding the device in your hand should leave the home button under your thumb. It should *not* be a capacitive button.
It should run Android and have access to the Android marketplace.
It should be able to browse the web and access Netflix and other streaming content just like the Roku player over built-in 802.11n (make sure you provide both the 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands and provide at least 3 antennas for each so there is good reception).
There should be NO 3G or 4G cellular internet access provided. That just drives up cost.
It should come with expandable media capabilities up to at least 32 GB.
It *must* have a stereo headphone jack, preferably two (one on each short side of the device).
It *should* support stereo bluetooth headsets and preferably allow multiple to be paired to it so at least two people can listen.
It *should* support microphone in on the bluetooth headsets, and hopefully have a built-in microphone and front-facing camera for video chat applications.
It *must* be $500 or lower and *should* be in the $250 - $300 range.
It *should* have two types of processors built in. One would be extremely low power and used for video watching, Internet browsing, and basic interface navigation. The other would turn on and run more demanding tasks such as games/applications.
It *must* be able to run at least 10 hours on one charge when watching pre-downloaded video and *should* run 10-hours when watching streaming video.
It *should* have a good eBook reading application pre-installed that can preferably access both the Barnes and Noble bookstore and Amazon book store.
The *focus must* be on playing the video in as high of a definition and quality as possible for as long of a time as possible with a simple, elegant style and interface with the lowest possible price-point. The other capabilities are bonus and are there so people don't have a desire to root the device.
Give it two kickstands (one on each side) or a squared-off C-shaped one so it can be propped up.

Some things to keep in mind:

The large screen makes the video watching experience much better.
The high definition screen means people don't have to sacrifice quality for mobility.
For it to be truly mobile AND useful, it MUST have a long battery life (last an entire day of traveling).
WiFi is everywhere, and peoples' phones and other devices can often re-broadcast a 3G or 4G signal as WiFi.
People don't want to spend a monthly fee for it to be able to access things. They want to buy and use and not keep paying for it.
Reduced cost = bigger market.
Eliminating the "must-haves" to reduce cost is pointless, as it just makes people less interested in buying the device.
Eliminating the "shoulds" also reduces the desirability of the device, but the trade-off might be worthwhile if the cost difference is large.
The more software-based features you lock out or don't provide, the more people will want to root the device.
Leaving out hardware-based features will make people less likely to buy the device.
Children WILL use it. I mean, even 1 year olds and 2 year olds will use it. Parents will put children's games on it and let them watch Bob the Builder, Dora, Go Diego GO, Thomas the Train, etc. on it. Children love pushing buttons. Keep the number of buttons for them to push to a minimum, and provide a screen-gesture-based lock mechanism so that once it runs a game or a video, the buttons are disabled until the gesture is performed on the touchscreen.
Make it sturdy because kids abuse items like it's their job in life. No fragile screens or ultra-thin glass cover on the screen or easily scratch-able screen or case.
People have camera phones and digital cameras to take pictures. This is a media consumption device, not a camera. Don't try to make it one. It just adds needless costs.
Accessories such as "over-the-car-seat" holders so it can be attached to the back of standard car seats means families might buy two or more of the devices and use them in the car on long trips to keep distractions to a minimum.
A built-in GPS would add costs, but providing it as a premium option would be a good idea as the device could also then replace in-car GPS units when paired with stand-alone (non Internet-based) GPS software. Some people think phone-screens are too small. A sturdy mounting option would then be required, but Arkon makes good mounts and you could pair with them on that option.
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Re: Roku To Go

Thu Dec 02, 2010 9:50 am

Also, it should have an HDMI out port and at least one USB 2.0+ port, but two might be better.

Given the screen real-estate and the fact it is not designed to replace a laptop, imagine if it had an HDMI *in* port and a converter cable so that a normal VGA cable or digital VGA cable could plug into it... You could hook your laptop up to it and use the screen for computing. You could also hook a keyboard and mouse up to the two USB ports and use it like a laptop if you wanted since it would run Android. Alternatively, the HDMI in port could be used to hook a DVD or Blue-Ray disc player up to it or to hook something like the Evo 4G up to it to play videos or whatever from the phone to the bigger screen. Audio IN would be nice, too, since you could then also hook up a CD player and let the device re-broadcast the sound via Bluetooth to someone else's, headset.
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Re: Roku To Go

Thu Dec 02, 2010 10:44 am

Thanks for pointing that out. I did not realize I was under the "SoundBridge" device feature request forum. The title on the main forum just says "Feature Request Forum".

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