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You've done a very nice job on the aesthetics of the SoundBridge (I have the 1000) however I'm in a lurch because I can't find speakers that will 1) undermount alongside it 2) Look like they might have anything to do with the SB from a design perspective.

What I'd really like to see from Roku (I don't care if you make them or work with someone else to make them) is a pair of small speakers that actually look nice next to an undermounted SoundBridge (bonus if I don't have to drill any more pilot holes for the screws of new mounting brackets, double bonus if I don't have to have two AC outlets tied up by the combination of the speakers and the SoundBridge.)

Most of the powered speakers I've found are 1) ugly as all git-up 2) require a subwoofer unit that would take up far more space than I am willing to give up in the kitchen (the reason I undermounted in the first place) and 3) don't match the look & feel of the SB or even come close.

If B&O can do this I think that you can too.

If anyone has suggestions on speakers I can undermount that might look good and not trip on any of the negatives above, please drop me a note. Primarily use this for radio so I don't need perfection-- it's better if it looks great than sounds great. Wiring it up to the home theater is too expensive.
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I've been using a Sonic Impact T amp to power nice bookshelf speakers for the computer system. You could use the same thing for the Soundbridge. The benefit is the T amp is small, cheap, sounds good, and works with regular 8/4 ohm speakers.

Since it outputs only about 10W you should use bookshelf speakers, but people have been using it with very expensive full size speakers too. Best effect is probably with 4ohm bookshelf units.

Because it's small you could "hide" it. In fact, if you take it out of the case, most of which is for the optional batteries, it is smaller than a cassette tape. It does need a 12V power supply though.

I bought mine from ecost.

This is ideal for wireless applications of audioplayers, although I don't know how good the analog output of the Soundbridge is since I use the SPDIF.

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