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Configurable display

Wed Sep 14, 2005 3:43 am

I previously posted this elsewhere but it makes sense to post it here.

The main "now playing" display should be configurable. For each line of text displayed (could be 1, 2 or 4), allow the user to choose what is shown.
e.g. 2 line mode:
Line 1: Track Name
Line 2: Album Name (Year)

It would also be nice to have a setting to allow scrolling if the text is too long to fit, or no scrolling no matter how long the text is. I wonder if scrolling could be controlled manually by using the remote?

This configuration could be extended as follows. Whenever a track title is shown on its own, e.g. in the browse by Genre, but I mean anywhere a track title is currently shown.

This way, the user can choose to show Track Title - Album Name (Year) as above, or include other details like Artist or Genre or Composer or whatever.

All these configuration settings would need to be controlled from some UI like the internal webpages - in the same way that the clock settings are achieved.

I have a fair few songs that appear on different albums which are in the same genre and I cannot distinguish between them when I browse by Genre. If this feature were implemented, then my problem would be solved!!
Have you tried the Roku / iTunes Track Counter?

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