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Mon Dec 20, 2004 12:02 pm

- Ability to have the digital otuputs turn off when the SB is idle. This is a necessity with some auto-switching external DAC's, for example, the CIAudio VDA-1 has both a coax and an optical input, but only one can be active at a time. Coax takes priority, so if you have a live coax and optical signal coming into the unit, the optical input is overridden until the coax input is idle. Rather than switching the SB off every time I want to use the device plugged into the optical input of the DAC, it would be nice if the the SB would turn off the digital outputs when the unit is idle
- XM or Sirus support. This would be a huge boon and if you folks at Roku are smart you could work out a cross-marketing deal with either Sirus or XM (they promote the SB, RokuLabs gets a cut of the subscriber profit brought in by the SB).
- More Radio Favorites via web interface. 10 is really not that many.
- Expand/document the command line interface.
- Developer API's.
- Apple Lossless support. Shorten support.
- Pull in song/artist information on streams (VTB Audiotron does it).
- More visualizers. Document visualizer interface. Allow 3rd party visualizers.
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Mon Dec 20, 2004 7:11 pm

I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature request so I'll post it in both forums.

My M1000 scrolls the text on the top line fine which is the song name. However, the second line does not scroll and just cuts off long album names. It alternates beween artist and album name.

Is this a feature request or should it be posted as a bug?

Maybe scrolling the artist / album would be a good idea or at least speed up the interval that they alternate.

Also, the song release year should be displayed with the song name and not the album name. I have a lot of compilation CD's that I have ripped and I have taken the time to tag the individual songs with their release year. It seems more logical to put that info on the top display line with the song.

I second the request to have the option to disable the time bar to create more real estate for the tag info.
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Control SB from HD1000??

Mon Dec 20, 2004 10:51 pm

How's this for an idea.....

Quite a few SB owners out there also own a HD1000. What's the chance of implementing control of one or several SBs from the HD1000 UI? If controling the SB is not possible, how about just viewing?

For example, using your TV you may be able to add to a queue, see what is playing (with album covers) on any given SB, etc. A few fairly high end music servers (such as imerge) offer this kind of functionality.

Not really sure what purpose this would serve.... Feel free to tell me I'm being dopey, otherwise, any further thoughts on this?
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A 2nd for turning off the digital outputs

Tue Dec 21, 2004 2:13 pm

I just wanted to '2nd' the request a few posts above to turn off the digital output when in standby mode. You could probably even justify calling this a 'bug'.
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Wed Dec 22, 2004 7:02 am

I'd add my support to the numerous requests on this thread for the ability to stream WMA and Real Audio internet radio. Any news on if/when this functionality will be added?
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Ok, here's my wishlist...

Wed Dec 22, 2004 9:37 am

Some of this stuff is nit-picky... some of it is more practical, given my music archive. In no particular order:

1. Allow me to disable volume changing (100% always) (see number 2 below)

2. Allow me to tag a file as Digital (i.e. DD, or dts). (WMA handles multpile genres.. So, I could tag a song as Rock and *DIGITAL*. *DIGITAL* should not be a browseable tag, just one you use to determine if the song gets special handling....) Then for digital files:
2A) Make sure they're played at 100% volume. (disable any kind of volume leveling, too if you ever end up supporting that feature, which would be good, by the way...(consider this a vote!))
2B) Turn off the visualizer (useless for compressed data, unless you know how to decompress it!!!)
2C) Disable the analog out (if possible. This may be a hardware limitation)
2D) Break the digital bitstream when switching from a Digital file to a non-digital file and vice-versa.. (turn the LED off for some duration?, I know I'm making this sound easy... Maybe it's not...) i.e. If I select a standard CD type file (44.1kHz PCM), and then play a DTS encoded file, my receiver detects the DTS bitstream and switches over. If the following song is a PCM song, the receiver thinks it's still receiving the DTS bitstream with so many errors, it doesn't know what to do. But it doesn't switch back to PCM... I have to change the receiver input to something else, and then back to the soundbridge to get the audio back...

3. Make the visualizer respond a little faster (the peaks in the Spectrum Analyzer decay too slowly)

4. The M1000 Screen is really a little too small to be tremendously useful using the two line mode, but the problem with 1 line mode is that the characters are too wide.. A few things could possibly help...
A) You have this nice graphical display. When I switch to the large font size, I get this blocky font! If you have the memory, how about a smoother screen font.
B) Can you handle a proportional font? i.e. "i's are narrower than "M"s when on the large size?
B) Make a medium sized font. There still would only be room for one line, but the chars wouldn't be as wide, and you could still fit more on the screen.
C) Smooth horizontal scrolling!!! This would look a lot nicer.. More important as scrolling is a certainty with the large font on an M1000.

5. Fast forward and rewind... As difficult as it would be with streaming/buffering issues, the one thing people say when I tell them about it is.. "Oh, you can't fast forward or rewind? That's dumb..."

6. More consistent use of the WMA/WMP/WMC Artist tags (Album Artist, Contributing Artist)... Browse by artist appears to be the Contributing artist, but display song info shows the album artist.. How about, when using WMC, browse by Album Artist or constributing artist, and display both tags in the info screens. (Also, show the the contributing artist on the "now playing" display, instead.)

7. I found in another thread that when you pause for a long time when using WMC with Lossless compression, it can take a long time to resume as the server needs to decompress the whole file up to that point. I think this should be addressed as well.. More information here...

By the way, I LOVE THIS THING!!!! I'm telling all my friends.. (Can we get a commission? :-))

Thanks for a great product...

- Mike
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Discrete Power IR Codes & Pronto CCF

Thu Dec 23, 2004 8:56 am

I know that both of these were promised quite some time ago, but don't think that either ever materialized (unless I just missed them). Could we get support for discrete IR codes for power on/off, as well as a Pronto CCF file?

Thanks for the great product!


Thu Dec 23, 2004 10:15 am

Discrete IR codes are in the latest software, iirc. See here for the spec.
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Fri Dec 24, 2004 7:12 pm

I have the same stream running on my office system and my kitchen on a wireless with a M1000 when your between rooms you can hear that lag between the two. Sure would be a great thing if you could sync the two. I do know that this maybe be out of the norm but isn't that what we all are? Got any great ideas so share them thanks

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Browse Newest additions to library

Fri Dec 24, 2004 10:31 pm

I'd like to be able to browse the latest additions to my library. This might require some server support but it would add a lot. Ideally this would be browse albums with most recent additions list first (decending order by addition to library date).

I have a large library, I go to the store and buy some more CD's, RIP them into the library. I always want to play the new stuff more than the old and it would be nice to not have to remember the names of all the albums I've bought in the last few weeks.

Re: Browse Newest additions to library

Fri Dec 24, 2004 11:14 pm

KevinGre wrote:
I'd like to be able to browse the latest additions to my library. This might require some server support but it would add a lot. Ideally this would be browse albums with most recent additions list first (decending order by addition to library date).

I have a large library, I go to the store and buy some more CD's, RIP them into the library. I always want to play the new stuff more than the old and it would be nice to not have to remember the names of all the albums I've bought in the last few weeks.

You may be able to do with with some clever iTunes smart playlists.
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Soundbridge Manager

Sat Dec 25, 2004 5:22 pm

A Soundbridge manager...

I had problems with my unit and could and it would not pick up a ip address with dhcp on my netgear... it would be nice if thier where a utilitiy which you could type in the serial or a code (which would translate to the mac address) so you can update it's sofware or config to get it to work under diffrent conditions... (I could write this program for a fee)

also why don't you default to a 192.168 address 99% of network are defaulted on this address and you could do a simple ping test or a menu setting to try it on the device..

also to have more mangment features on the unit web page...

It's also would be nice to have antenna port on the wifi card so you could plug in a hi gain antenna on the device... I have a second garage accross the street and I do work over there and buy a sound bridge in a minute if it would work over there!

aside from that I have only had a day with the unit, but I love it an it's a great device and I will get another one
Blue Skies ;-)
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Sat Dec 25, 2004 10:55 pm

This request obviously requires a HW change, but a jog-dial would be fantastic. Used to have an old Sony phone with jog-dial..also had a car with jog-dial on the steering wheel. Jogdial allows for much, much faster browsing. When I have nearly 5,000 songs on any given day..this would really help out.
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Sun Dec 26, 2004 1:03 am

I have a simple request that's causing me some major annoyances right now. How about in any list, when I get to the bottom and push the down button, it just scrolls to the first item in the list and then continues downward from there....

Ditto if I'm at the top of the list and hit the up button; it should go to the last item in the list and continues upwards from there.

Can't be that hard and beats scrolling all the way back up (or down).
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Web support

Sun Dec 26, 2004 9:58 am

I found the web support in the latest firmware.. Very basic...

Support like Lansonic supplies is what is needed.. Funn remote control.

Generally I will be using the playlists and other features I have set up. But... I would be great when I do have a computer running to beable to gain more control.

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