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Tue Nov 13, 2007 2:20 pm


Last week got my long waited M1001.
It is very nice and good quality audi player.
It would be perfect but i cant get it play music from my mythtv mediacenter.
M1001 is running on 3.0.44 firmware(latest stable)
connecting via WiFi(WPA)
Mythtv box is connected via cable.
Distro: Gentoo
Mythtv Version(0.21 SVN(14863)
I can see my mythtv box with M1001, browse music(all and albums) but when i try play something i get error "unable to play "song name" " and options play next or stop.
Upnp on my mythtv box is working fine with Nero Showtime(on my laptop) or via GeexBox on any pc. Also M1001 can play music from my laptop(using XP built in UPNP)
Has anyone tried or got working system Mythtv(music)+M1001.

Any help would be appreciate.
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Sun Nov 25, 2007 2:35 pm

Strange thing, i played little bit with slimserver.
Everything works fine!
Thing i noticed, i can browse my upnp devices trough slimserver menu(in M1001). When i browse mythtv mediaserver, i'm able to play music just fine(it sucks i have to select each song manually).
So far, i guess theres something with M1001 upnp side!
Still no luck.
Has anybody got working combo mythtv+Roku M1001?

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