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script for reading from soundbridge?

Fri Dec 28, 2007 1:57 pm


I am looking for help on a script to read some info from the soundbridge via Telnet.

Since i have rebuffering problems (, I would like to experiment a bit with the location of my unit, and see if wifi is the problem, and if yes, at which signal strength levels. So I thought about a script that would every minute check which song is playing, and what the signalquality is.

I can telnet into my soundbridge, and also found the RCP commands I would like to issue (GetWiFiSignalQuality, GetPowerState, GetSongInfo). Unfortunately, I cannot find an easy way to automate it. Searching this forum, I found a lot of examples, in perl, java,.... but my programming skills are not up to date anymore... :(

I tried with putty (plink), but could not succeed in issuing a command to the soundbridge. Instead, I just got the soundbridge prompt.

Could someone help me with a sample script just reading one of these values and write it too a logfile? Ideally in a scripting environment that runs on WXP without having to install too many things. I think I just have that many programming skills left to change a working script....

Thanks !

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