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Remapping Keys => number buttons for searching (Slimserve

Tue Jan 22, 2008 1:24 am

I use the squeezecenter as Mediaserver. It works very well. The only thing that’s sucks is the lack of number buttons for searching. I´ve a Harmony 885 and it would be awesome, if there would a possibility to use the number buttons on it.
I’m looking for a solution to remap the presets, My aim would be an application like this: ... t=userkeys

It should work something like this:
Harmony => preset_1 => Soundbrige => Linux Server => my_app => number_1 => squeezecenter

What is the best way to get it realized?
How communicate Soundbrige and slimserver?

This is also an interesting article:

Lazy Searching and the Roku SoundBridge =>



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