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Mon Oct 12, 2009 1:10 pm

Kotten-74 wrote:

I just installed Jamcast and it works perfect with Spotify :D

I have one question, is it possible somehow to get the artist and track name to the Soundbridge display?

I have searched about this but could not find anything.


After fighting with Icecast and Edcast the whole evening, I stumbled upon this post. Installed jamcast, and everything works like a charm on the first try :D BUT - anyone had any luck on the issue mentioned by Kotten-74 above? Displaying track info on the SB would make my day!
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Spotify and Sounbridge M1000 on a mac

Tue Oct 13, 2009 12:06 pm

andyg wrote:
Duffledorf wrote:
Anyone any suggestions on how this could work on an apple mac? ... a&start=45

and follow my instructions on that page. I think this is still as good as it gets for Mac users streaming in this manner. Probably the only thing that's changed significantly since I wrote them is the way Mac OS handles ports (changes from 10.4 to 10.5). If you reach a stumbling block let me know as I was streaming from Spotify not so long ago without any issues.

cheers, andy

Hi Andy, I have tried your instruction but i don't have understand what you mean by "
Now bring up the Roku's control page via Bookmarks/Bonjour in your browser and go into the Presets page"...
I've downloaded NiceCast and I'm Using Firefly as music server for my M1000 soundbridge that a friend has just gave me. I'm a Mac User and unfortunately Jamcast is not ready for us...

Thanks !
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Tue Oct 13, 2009 1:24 pm

Well, lucky you getting given a M1000 :D :D Nice...

Firefly is not part of the equation here. What I mean is that you are using Nicecast as another piece of software to broadcast your own 'radio station' as it were - in this case Spotify. So, to your question: hit the bookmark button which should be an icon in your Safari browser's toolbar (lives just below the back arrow in a default set-up) and then click on the Bonjour option that you'll see in the left hand side menu. Navigate to your Soundbridge which should show up there, go to the presets tab and modify one of those presets as per the instructions in that Pandora thread.

If for some reason you have no bookmarks icon, then in the very top line where you have Apple icon/File/Edit/View etc., go to View>Customize Toolbar and drag the Bookmarks icon into the toolbar.

Cheers, Andy
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Tue Oct 13, 2009 11:11 pm

Thanks Andy for your quick answer ! I've found 'Bonjour' (i am usually using firefox instead of safari... that's why i was confused with the explanations)

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