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Playroku script, want feedback

Sun Dec 28, 2008 2:07 pm

I made this script for my own use. I guess one has to be pretty techy to use it. Anyway, i would love some feedback on it.

From the readme:

The main purpose of this script is to be able to play a couple of mp3:s
easily on your roku soundbridge. The script will insert your mp3:s in
the firefly server database and then send commands to your sound bridge
to play the files. That means that you must be using firefly with sqlite3
and since it is a python script one must also have python installed. Check
out the python homepage at Note that the support
of m3u files is very limited, they can only contain a linebreak separated
list of mp3:s with relativ path.

Download here

Note, since this script will edit your firefly db it has potential to screw things up. It has never done that to me, but be warned.

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