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Soundbridge Radio Problem....

Fri Jan 11, 2019 11:18 pm


I have been a loyal user of Roku for 4 years now and recently bought a Soundbridge Radio in addition to Soundbridge I have been using all the time. 

I have put them side by side, both connecting to the music server via wireless router and while the old soundbridge was working just fine Soundbridge Radio continiously keep buffering and re-buffering... it is the same for Internet Radio or my computer's music Lucky Patcher Kodi library. signal quality is 92, signal -49DB and very similar to what I have with the existing soundbridge. Router and the units are a mere 5meters apart with no physical obstruction between. I am using Vista Home Premium, router is Buffalo WHR-HP-G54.. 

can somebody help me is there a solution to this problem, any setup changes or anything... THis is really very frustrating... 

Thanks for your help 

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