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Thanks Lyndon!

Mon Mar 24, 2008 2:34 am

Thanks for explaining about the sticker!

I recently received a replacement R1000 for the infamous power supply problem. Now that you explained about the sticker, I feel more confident about the durability of my replacement. (Mine has the sticker.)
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Wed Mar 26, 2008 5:34 pm

"IHMO, they would loose their butt if they replaced them all. It's not a recall, it’s an update. Does your Chevy dealer give you a new car when there is an undated design, no, if it brakes they fix it with the updated/superseded part and your good to go. I had an issue with the flywheel on my 2001 2500HD crew-cab and they fixed it. Did they tell every owner that below a certain VIN that they have this possible defective flywheel to come have their transmission pulled so they can put in free flywheels? No, they fix the issue as it happens, if it happens."

You raise several good points, but your analogy is fundamentally flawed. "Does your Chevy Dealer give you a new car when there is an updated design?"

uhhhhh. Last time I checked, these radios are not working. No sound, no display, no nothing. Your analogy should be "Does Chevy give you a new car if your engine blows up?" That is what is happening. Power supplies are failing. They should proactively notify and offer replacement units. My 2nd unit just failed. Completely unacceptable.

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Thu Apr 03, 2008 2:41 pm

I believe that Matt's post was spot-on and I do heartily agree that people, with a warrantied radio failure, have reason to be upset. However, Matt raised several valuable points to keep in mind.

I am one with one of the infamous bad power supplies after a year. It came at a bad time of the year, just before these past holidays ... and I wanted my Roku SoundBridge to work and I wanted it NOW. I did, what I feel, was the right thing to do. Contacted Roku, filled out the dialogue form, carefully watched the email for two days, thanked customer service and tech support for their help, packed the radio in original packing and shipped it back with an RMA. I paid for the shipping and got great response.

In a week, I got a replacement radio. No, it doesn't have a "warranty" sticker on the bottom. But it did have the new firmware update, so, I know it wasn't that old. I just wrote back and got confirmation that the radio is under a brand new warranty. I've kept the response and am, still, a happy camper. All that can happen is if this radio fails, I send it back and get it fixed within a year and it will replaced. That simple. If out of warranty, I'll pay to have it fixed. I love this radio.

The thing that Matt raised, though, that makes this really worthwhile is this. After years of tossing out failed alarm clock radios by "discount" manufacturers...having to buy a new one, Roku has taken time to update firmware to do new and interesting things. No, it has no tone or equalizer controls (yet) ... but it wasn't meant to have one, except through very early posts here of people requesting new features.

Roku has, at least, heard us. Time gone by? Sure it has. But you can't adjust the tone on a Bose either, so, I got used to my Roku and it sounds just fine. The idea of the piece of foam, in fact, came in hand to mute the bass a little. But maybe tone / eq will come ... but it's not a part of the price to have it do so, in my opinion. It's an added bonus to being part of the growing legion of Roku fans. The company doesn't need to do so.

Now, if it comes out with another "version" of the radio without a chance to a firmware update for older units, I might raise an eyebrow, but if I want tone / eq ... I'll break down and pay more for another radio.

Same with Real Audio. So few stations use Real, that the licensing alone is a nightmare, I'm sure, at least here in the US. I, too, would like to hear all BBC stations and many Australians, too ... but Roku can't, at least now. (I believe you can with Reciva's chipset.) With 7500 stations, I'm not inconvenienced much by not having Real. But I see the point to those many friends of the BBC. The fact that Roku offers regular firmware updates is, however, commendable ... you don't get that from Sony, Panasonic, AE, Sangean, etc.

The Roku is an amazing radio and technology. I think we should encourage the development team, rather than demand of them. I value every update ... and believe that Roku is doing its best to stay ahead of the onslaught of competition just now coming over the horizon. And Roku believes best to keep up to date for obvious reasons.

I've long tossed a couple of wifi radios ... a hand-held and a portable ... because they didn't work or, certainly, not near as well as the Roku. And there was NO support. Roku is the best at taking care of its customers.

Let's be patient and, most of all, enjoy what we have ... and follow the procedure to seek a warrantied replacement when necessary. The Roku team is first-rate in helping customers. We are blessed for that in this day and age. Keep the faith. This is a great and growing product gone far, with attentive service after much publicized difficulties.

I commend the Roku Team.

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"Thanks for taking my call ..."
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Are 199.00 replacement units NEW or Refurbished??R1000

Fri Apr 25, 2008 4:38 pm

Mine died after 22 months, but case is like new. If I send it back for replacement ($199) will I get a new or refurbished unit? My experience overall with the cosmetic appearance of refurbished electronics is not good. That is why I am asking.


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Thu May 01, 2008 4:47 pm

Why on earth should users send back their defective units and pay $199 to have the company rebuild/replace the unit, when the company sold goods they have admitted were shoddy?

Imagine taking your car into a dealership after defectives brakes failed, and the company asking you to pay 75% of the car's cost to repair the defective brakes!

I'm stunned at Roku's callous treatment of their early adopters. This would seem to be the last group of users they would want to alienate. Roku sold them a shoddy product, has admitted that the product was shoddy, and still demands $199 to replace the shoddy product. The only way they can get away with this is because they're a small company and beneath the radar of most electronics consumers. If they were Apple, TiVo, Creative, or Dell, they'd act responsibly and replace the defective radios.

Why have I spent hours contributing to this user forum, offering Roku feedback on their betas, only to have them refuse to repair a defective unit?
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Sun May 04, 2008 4:38 pm

I have just had my 2nd radio die on me sometime during the night while it was in standby. The first one happened literally days before the 12 month warranty expired so got it replaced back in October. Now after reading that this fault has been acknowledged by Roku as some sort of manufacturing fault I'll assume that something will be done to replace mine. I have sent a PM to you RokuLyndon.
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Re: Are 199.00 replacement units NEW or Refurbished??R1000

Fri May 23, 2008 3:27 am

vincen11 wrote:
Mine died after 22 months, but case is like new. If I send it back for replacement ($199) will I get a new or refurbished unit? My experience overall with the cosmetic appearance of refurbished electronics is not good. That is why I am asking.

My SBR died after only 3 months, and condition was as-new.

The replacement radio that Roku sent me was dirty and had a scratched screen. The remote was also very dirty (for some reason, they insist you send all the accessories back as well as the defective radio).

I would rather have waited a couple more weeks for them to fix the unit I sent them than take someone else's very used unit. I sent Roku support a polite email indicating my displeasure, but didn't get a reply.

Hope you have more luck...
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Fri Aug 01, 2008 10:09 am

I don't think the users here are complaining about Roku abandoning it's product. On the contrary, we've seen several firmware updates and development seems to continue. I've been very happy with thier support from that point of view.

I think the key issue here is failure of a hardware componant. Now, to use the car analogy that has been bandied about you have a few different ways to look at it:

1 - Normal wear and tear: If this were the case, we'd see occasional failures and it wouldn't be up to Roku to do anything. Similar to how your tires wear over time. If the it's covered by the warrenty then your good, else you'd have to pay for a repair.

2 - Failure of a key componant - In a car, if the alternator fails, and the car is covered under warrenty, your good to go. If not you'd have to pay for the repair, albiet it would be a minimal cost compared to the cost of the vehicle.

3 - Production/Design flaw - In this case a componant of the car is faulty or has a higher than average failure rate. Automakers may try to overlook it, but in many cases they will perform a recall to correct the issue. In some cases these recalls are mandated if safety is an issue.

Of course, GM won't give me a new Pontiac G6 just because they updated the design, but if they identify that they used faulty parts in the car then I would expect them to take care of it. This is the case with Roku. They have found (as the second post of this thread indicates) that there was a faulty componant, they identified it, and are only replacing units under warrently.

If it's a faulty Power Supply then they should replace it for a reasonable cost for non warrenty users. $200 (2/3 the cost of a new radio) is not reasonable. That cost is extremely high. To another poster's point, it's like GM finding a flaw in the Altenator and charing almost $18,000 to fix it.

IMHO that is not good business. I might have paid $75, maybe even $100, but $200?

Again, not saying they are not taking care of SOME customers, just not all of them. Just because I bought my radio over 13 months ago, or even used (which mine admitadly is) doesn't mean I'm willing to shell out $200 to fix it.

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