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This is odd...

Sun Apr 19, 2009 10:28 pm

Hi All:

Had an odd occurrence with one of my Soundbridge Radios today. I had been out of the house for a while and had not used this particular radio at all since the day before. When I returned home today (nobody was here in the interim), the radio was powered on and the display read "English" followed below by "Deutsch" (I think). The radio had somehow powered itself on and put itself into a setup mode.

I was in a rush to head out again, with no time to check things out. I tried to simply power the radio off, but it wouldn't power down (perhaps because it can't from that particular mode). I tried to back out of that menu quickly with the remote, and went only one step back (I think) into an introduction/startup message on the display. Since I absolutely had to leave then, I just left it in that state and went out.

When I returned later, no power, no nothing, brick/doorstop mode basically. Pulled the plug for a while and replugged it back in, nothing. Totally dead. I'm well aware of the power supply problem (I had it on my other R1000 before), so I assume this one has the same affliction, and I'll handle that through the appropriate channels.

In the meantime, I'm wondering whether anyone else's radio has powered up on its own and done anything weird, like going into the initial setup menu, and whether this is more of a common prelude to a dying power supply. Thanks...
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Mon Apr 20, 2009 1:33 am

Hi gcd0865 -

I’d just like to take the opportunity of saying how sorry I am to hear of the failure of yet another of your R1000 models - and also take the opportunity of thanking you for the fantastic contribution you’ve made to Radio Roku during my time as a volunteer moderator (now ‘retired’).

You will no doubt have read dupondt’s recent Open Letter to Anthony Wood about Radio Roku and the future of the SB , and I have no doubt that you also will view this with similar feelings to my own.

Thank-you, and I sincerely trust you will be able to get your R1000 repaired without too much trouble.


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