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Q: Do I need a computer and/or a wireless network to use the SoundBridge Radio?
A: No, you can listen to AM or FM radio and music files from an SD Card without the use of a network connection. You can listen to Internet radio if you have a network connection, even if no computer is running. The SoundBridge Radio’s music streaming features (play from iTunes, Windows Media Connect, Rhapsody, MusicMatch, etc.) require that you have a computer running this software.

Q: How do I find/play Internet radio stations with the SoundBridge Radio?
A: Method 1: The 18 preset buttons are each set to a popular Internet Radio station out-of-the-box. Method 2: The SoundBridge Radio comes pre-programmed with a list of 50ish great stations that you can use the Scan button to find. You can then program a preset to one of these stations by holding down the preset button for a few seconds while listening to the station. Method 3: In addition to those built-in stations, you may add your own from the thousands available on the Internet using the built-in web interface, or memorize stations from certain music servers (like iTunes).

Q: If my network connection goes out, will the alarm still go off?
A: Yes. If the SoundBridge radio is not able to play the selected digital music source at alarm time, it will play a buzzing/beeping tone instead.

Q: Does the SoundBridge Radio support Wi-Fi security like WEP and WPA?
A: The SoundBridge Radio currently supports WEP, and WPA (a newer, optional security protocol for Wi-Fi) will be added in a future free software update. Roku regularly releases new features in software updates that are simple, one step updates from your SoundBridge Radio.

Q: What is the size of the display?
A: The super-bright VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) is 280x32 pixels. Three font sizes make it very easy to read song titles, artist names and playlist information. In the largest font mode it displays one line of text; in the smallest, four lines are displayed.

Q: Does the display automatically dim when the lights are out?
A: Yes, it has a light sensor to automatically dim it when the lights are out.

Q: Can the display be set to off and then turn on when the alarm sounds?
A: Yes. If the SoundBridge Radio is in Standby, it will “wake up” the display when the alarm sounds.

Q: Is this like the M1000 or the M2000 display?
A: The physical size of the display is the same as the M1000 series. However, the Soundbridge Radio has a 280x32 pixel display versus a 280x16 pixel display (twice the vertical resolution).

Q: Can I connect the SoundBridge Radio via Ethernet?
A: No. The SoundBridge Radio does not have an Ethernet port. It uses Wi-Fi exclusively.

Q: Does it support a 'sleep' feature? If so, can it be set for a specific amount of time?
A: Yes, there is a sleep feature with several options for specific settings.

Q: Are protected AAC files supported?
A: SoundBridge Radio can play AAC files created by importing your own CDs. However iTunes Music Store files (“Protected AAC files”) are not supported unless you first save them to a CD and then re-rip them.

Q: Are protected WMA files supported?
A: Protected WMA files purchased from a PlaysForSure music service ( are playable when using the Windows Media Connect server.

Q: Are protected Rhapsody music files and radio stations supported?
A: Yes.

Q: Are protected WMA files on an SD card supported?
A: Currently no. DRM (Digital Rights Managed) files cannot be played via SD/MMC card.

Q: What Internet radio station stream formats are supported?
A: SoundBridge Radio supports MP3 and WMA (.ASX) Internet radio stations.

Q: Will the SoundBridge Radio work with my router?
A: SoundBridge Radio will work with 802.11b and 802.11g networks using almost any off the shelf Wi-Fi router. These include Wi-Fi routers from Apple, Netgear, Linksys, D-Link, and others. We will post a list of routers we have tested on our web site in the coming weeks.

Q: Can I connect the SoundBridge Radio to my stereo system?
A: The SoundBridge Radio is intended for stand alone use. If you want to stream music or Internet radio to powered speakers or your stereo system, SoundBridge models M1000 and M2000 are designed to do so. Note: the SoundBridge Radio's headphone jack can be used as a line level out if you want to connect it to your stereo system.

Q: Can I control the SoundBridge Radio from my computer?
A: Yes, the SoundBridge Radio can be controlled via the Web interface as can all of the SoundBridge products. All SoundBridge models also have a control protocol (RCP) that many developers have used to write software to control SoundBridge from a Creston, PDA, and other devices.

Q: Can I use SoundBridge with an external NAS hard drive?
A: Some NAS devices are able to run a music server on the NAS itself. SoundBridge Radio can connect to such a NAS. Otherwise, you must be running a server program on a computer on your network, which must be able to access the files on the NAS. Note that some music servers will not serve up files on a remote volume. View SoundBridge Radio compatible music servers.

Q: What are the specs of the speakers?
A: SoundBridge Radio includes very high-quality, built-in powered speakers and ported subwoofer. They were custom designed for Roku by Godehard Guenther, famous audio designer and founder of A/D/S.

Front left and right speakers: Two Linear Magnetic Drive (LMD) Full-Range Speakers, +0/–6dB from 80Hz to 20kHz, each in its own tuned acoustic enclosure and each powered by a built-in 20Wrms 3G digital amplifier.

Subwoofer: One Linear Magnetic Drive (LMD) Subwoofer, +/–3dB from 40Hz to 160Hz, in a proprietary Delta-Tunnel™ tuned acoustic enclosure and powered by a built-in 30Wrms 3G digital amplifier.

Q: How many SoundBridge Radio devices can I use on my network at the same time?
A: There isn't a limit for streaming Internet radio. However, if streaming from a music library such as iTunes, MusicMatch, Rhapsody,etc... there are limitations of how many clients can be connected per-server. This limit varies depending upon the server used (5 to 10 are common).

Q: Does it come with an external antenna?
A: Yes, the SoundBridge Radio ships with an external AM antenna and an external FM antenna. There is also a built-in AM antenna.

Q: What are the physical dimensions and what is the weight of SoundBridge Radio?
A: SoundBridge Radio measures 11" wide x 6" high x 6.5" deep, and weighs 4 lbs. 15 oz.

Q. Does SoundBridge Radio only come in black?
A. The SoundBridge Radio is only available in black.

Q: Can the SoundBridge Radio be set to play music softly while I sleep and then increase the volume to wake me up?
A: Yes. The SoundBridge Radio supports gradual volume ramping for a more pleasant wake-up experience.

Q: Does it include an alarm feature as well as a music feature?
A: Yes. SoundBridge Radio supports a full-function clock radio with multiple alarm settings. Wake up to digital music, Internet radio, AM/FM radio, playlists, podcasts or a choice of several alarm tones.

Q: There are function buttons on the top panel. Do I need the remote to operate the SoundBridge Radio?
A: Most functions of the SoundBridge Radio can be operated by the top panel buttons. The button controls include: Radio and Playlist Presets, Source Selector (AM/FM/Playlist/SD Slot/Internet Radio/Music Servers), Power and Volume, Preset Bank, Snooze/Sleep, Alarm, and Scan Up/Down. You will need the remote to browse network servers.

Q: Are there buttons for automatically selecting playlists or radio stations?
A: The SoundBridge Radio has Radio and Playlist preset buttons located on the top panel. These presets can play any source (AM/FM/Internet Radio/iTunes/PlaysForSure, etc)

Q: How many presets can be stored?
A: A total of 18 presets can be stored in three banks of six.

Q: Do you still make the original M1000?
A: Yes. The original SoundBridge is designed for connecting Internet radio or your music library to your stereo or powered speakers. Unlike the SoundBridge Radio, it does not have speakers built-in, AM/FM radio, SD Slot, or hard buttons.

Q. If I order today, when will I get my SoundBridge Radio?
A: SoundBridge Radio will ship in November, 2005. We are now taking pre-orders. Place your order before Oct. 31 and receive $50 off. Your credit card will not be charged until the product ships. Order Today!

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