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WLAN is ok, but Soundbridge does not find firefly

Fri Nov 16, 2007 12:49 am

I found some hints about the WLAN routers in this forum, but nothing in the pinnacle help areas. I bought a soundbridge homemusic. It connects to the WLAN, firmware update was ok, internet radio works, also the access from local computer browser to the soundbridge for remote control is running propperly. The firefly media server is running on a win2k computer, no firewall activated at all. Via telnet i am able to connect to the media server port, thus the communication is not blocked by a firewall. But the soundbridge does not find the firefly media server. The basic communication is running, ping from computer to soundbridge is OK. The WLAN configuration: Central hub is a DSL hub/router. The server computer is connected to the router via cable, the WLAN access point (a really old Siemens 10MBit WLAN) is conneced to the router, too. This means that there is no direct WLAN connection from the server to the soundbridge, it must be routed by WLAN/DSL hub. As i've read there might be a problem with multicast packets which must be routed from the access point to the internal net (and normally multicast packets will NOT be routed!). I can not think that i am the only one who is having this kind of configuration, who has the media server not directly connected to a wlan network. Is it possible instead of the auto-search (with multicast) to manually enter the address of the server? Or does anyone know about a method to check whether this is really a routing problem regarding the multicast packets? At all it is not seeable wheather the multicast routing stops at the wlan access point or at the dsl routing point. It would not make sense to buy another access point if the problem is, that the multicast packets are not routed from wlan to internal net by the DSL hub/router ...

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