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Plays for 10 seconds then stops

Mon Jun 02, 2008 12:17 pm

Although I have seen similiar posts I have been unable to get my Roku 1001 to connect to the firefly server.

I am running Windows XP with a Netgear Rangemax WPN824 wireless router. I have Norton antivirus installed.

I do receive the radio stations now and i can get it to connect if I use wire.

I truly have tried everything from reformatting my harddrive, buying a new router.... If someone can help me it would greatly be appreciated especially if it was expained for dummies to understand.


Here is an update: If I turn off my firewall and I go to the Netgear Router page/ wireless settings/ it showed the soundbridge trying to gain access so I authorized it and hit apply. My playlists appeared and it plays a song for about 10-15 seconds and then stops.

I did open a TCN port (1310) on both my windows security page and in firefly so why must I still disable the firewall and two what could be causing it to play for a couple of seconds and then stopping?

Thanks again for any help

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