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Itunes and Firefly iisue...

Sun Jun 22, 2008 10:51 am

Can someone help with this???

I have a XP Desktop and a vista deskstop. All my music is on the VISTA desktop. the firefly server is running on the XP DESKTOP. I set up some shares on the vista desktop. One for the music and one for ITUNES so firefly could see the itunes playlists I create on the vista machine. on the XP machine I have also set up a share and mapped it to the SAME drive letter where the music is on the vista machine.. IE on vista all my must is j:\mp3 music so I mapped a drive J on the XP machine to J:\ and then you can go to j:\mp3 music

Firefly can see the music and the roku can play it fine. THe firefly server can also see all the itunes playlists.. HOWEVER, when I go to the ROKU and try to play any of the itunes play lists, they are blank. NOTHING is there. I create them in itunes on the vista machine.

What did I do wrong and how can I resolve this issue??

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