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Soundbridge Radio skips first two songs

Mon Aug 11, 2008 7:15 pm

The first time I attempt to play a song after my Soundbridge Radio comes out of standby there is a long delay before the first song starts.

Eventually the radio will skip the first song and sometimes blow right past the second song and begin playing the third song in the playlist. If I immediately go back to the beginning of the first song, the radio will play it and the second song fine.

It acts like the radio is timing out while it waits for the ReadyNAS to get the drives ready and the drives get ready just as the radio gives up and moves on and this timing also confuses the radio so it skips the second song and starts with the third. Once the ReadyNAS drives are at speed, this doesn't happen.

Any thoughts on how to keep the radio from timing out? Is this even the problem? While not the worst problem in the world it is pretty annoying.

I have my ReadyNAS NV+ configured to spin down my drives pretty quickly when there's no activity. Firefly is set to scan type=Normal, rescan=3600, and always scan=0.

I can instantly connect to the Firefly server from another radio source or if I'm connected to Firefly I stay connected so I don't think it's a connection issue. And I can't think of a radio setting that would allow me to extend the time before it moves on.
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Tue Aug 12, 2008 4:10 am

You've guessed correctly.
Raid arrays take longer to spin up than a single disk.
The simple fix is pretty obvious, disable the spin down option. I let my disks run continuously & use the ReadyNAS' auto power On / Off function instead

How are you selecting the playlist?
Is it saved to a preset or are you browsing through a list of playlists?

You basically need to do something on the SB to make it cause a spin up.
It may be something as simple as browsing by **** or selecting a song and asking for it's info.
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