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Smart playlists - artist (or album) by genre

Mon Dec 01, 2008 3:54 am

Is it possible to construct a smart playlist which queries on a particular genre and then returns a list of 'artists' that meet the criteria? Or is there no choice but to have a list of 'songs' appearing after selecting a playlist?

I have a lot of classical albums and I am trying to codify the genre in iTunes with the aim of being able to generate specific playlists, e.g. symphonies from the romantic era, 20th Century opera, etc.

It is relatively simple to set up the smart playlists to look for certain text strings but running the playlist on my Soundbridge generates a fairly meaningless list of 'songs'. Ideally, I would see a list of artists (i.e. composer for classical music) and then clicking on one of these would give me access to the relevant compositions.

I am following the slightly controversial approach advocated by a couple of iTunes gurus to store the composer name in the artist field (see or

My current set-up is as follows:

Windows XP
iTunes 8.0
Firefly 1.1b1
Soundbridge M1001

All help appreciated from other classical enthusiasts out there!


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