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Newbie - how to program expansion module

Thu Feb 23, 2012 10:21 pm

Hi All,

I am new to the brightsign world so please be gentle on me.

After talks with brightsign We have bought the following system for a client

- HD1010W
- Expansion Module

to accomplish the following

- touchscreen that can play one of two videos to one speaker
- two physical buttons that can play one of two audio files to a secondary speaker
- an motion sensor that can play an audio file to a third speaker

My understanding is that all this is possible, however I am I correct in thinking that I will have to script this myself as far as I can see BrightAuthor does not give me any access to the expansion module.

If so how do I even start going about this. I see lots of posts showing custom scripts but I have no idea even where to put these scripts. Do I have to create a custom autorun.brs and if so where within that behemoth of a file do I add the customization.

This demo unit is meant to be delivered to the client by end of day tomorrow (Friday) and I am concerned about the learning curve. I had assumed all this was easy with drag and drop in BrightAuthor!

Help please!


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