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level trig. GPIO events in BA? Variable latency??

Mon Mar 12, 2012 2:39 pm


I'm a BrightSign newbie. An engineer working at the Exploratorium, evaluating HD410 as a possible kiosk exhibit component. As a test, I'm attempting to implement a simple exhibit using a single GPIO input, a single GPIO output, and a couple of media assets. So far, so good, other than a couple of disappointing things that others must have encountered and overcome, but searching the manual and this forum have not yet suggested explanations or answers.

- My input is an occupancy sensor. GPIO input events seem to be defined as falling edge events only. The desired behavior is playlist looping as long as the occupancy sensor reads "true". I suppose I could use another output and a more complex playlist strategy, or some other external hardware, to turn the occupancy sensor level into a pulse that could then be used by the standard falling edge triggered GPIO event to trigger a new loop... but that seems like a pretty elaborate and silly hack to compensate for the lack of rising edge or level-testing GPIO events. What are the alternatives? Diving into scripting? Am I just missing something in some undiscovered preferences menu that would allow different types of GPIO events?
- Latency time from the GPIO input to the desired media transition (from JPEG attractor to h264 clip) varies from half second to as much as 4 sec. The half I can live with, the 4 and the variability not so much. Is there something I should be doing to minimize or at least stabilize the triggering latency? It's not something critical for THIS application, but latency issues can be a deal-breaker for museum interactive UIs...

Thanks, and cheers!

Re: level trig. GPIO events in BA? Variable latency??

Wed Mar 14, 2012 4:00 pm

On the current platform, image playback can be sluggish. THe fastest type of image is an 8bit rle encoded bitmap. But, in any other case, I would recommend converting the image to a video and using only videos for the fastest playback. Videos can open as quickly as less than 100ms if they don't have audio.

If you're using brightauthor, I can modify the script that's published along with brightauthor so that instead of button presses, it responds to button releases. Or, do you want it to respond to both?

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