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Art Packs as Screensavers?

Thu Oct 14, 2004 7:42 am

Just purchased my Roku HD1000 and love it! Sure it is a little quirky, but all in all, it is a dream come true. I've used the TurtleBeach Audiotron, as well as Tivo's Home Media Option in the past. My question is this, I love the idea of the screensaver, but the options for the lack of a better word are lame - bouncing logo, some odd shape, or an analog clock. Is there any way to make the ArtPacks the default screensaver? This is probably outline already, but I looked everywhere and cannot seem to find information pertaining to this.

Lastly, has anyone heard when the mp3 visualizer will be available? This was a huge justification point for my wife - who loves staring off into those apps while the music is playing.
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Thu Oct 14, 2004 8:22 am

I hope you are still within your initial 30 days since you will probably end up being disappointed with this box. Playing MP3's is quite disappointing, and it is currently impossible to organize using the existing Roku-supplied software--you can download 3rd party software that crashes a lot. The screen saver function is ok, but you are better off just turning on the art packs manually. Also, you can manually kick off MP3's and then go through a slide show if you want.

This box has lots of potential, but as of now, very little of it is usable.

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Thu Oct 14, 2004 11:03 am

I'm not sure if you can use the artpacks as screensavers or not, but I did find this thread in the old Roku listserv that, if you're at all technically inclined, may help you get there: ... nical/1971

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Sun Oct 17, 2004 4:56 pm

hi mike,

this is a popular request, we'll see what we can do in a future software update.

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