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What can you do with a Roku HD1000 B

Wed May 09, 2012 6:57 am

Was given an old Roku HD1000 (B) but cant seem to get it to work. If connected to a power supply there are no lights or output but the case gets very warm.

Tried an Ethernet connection at the back which did show power being taken but I'm at a loss what to do.
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Re: What can you do with a Roku HD1000 B

Tue May 15, 2012 3:59 am

OK. For those coming (very) late to the HD 1000 this is what I did to check the unit based on the known issues here.

1. Is the PS working? Opened it up to see a green LED on the PS.

2. Is the m/b getting power? Checked the yellow (5v) and the orange (3.3V) so yes.

3. Is U12 faulty? It was hot so I checked for voltage on pin 1 and pin 3. So U12 was OK.

(Strangely the front LED is on where before there was nothing so perhaps a loose connection somewhere)

4. Connected to a screen over VGA but nothing. Front LED solid so not in set up mode. Followed these instructions.

Resetting Your Roku HD1000 to Initial Setup Mode
In some cases you may find yourself in a situation where the video
output format has been set to a setting that your television cannot
display. This procedure allows you to reset your unit so that you
may re-run the initial setup procedures outlined at the beginning
of this chapter.

Press the Exit button on the front panel five times.

Hold down the Menu button on the front panel.
With the Menu button held down, press and release the Exit
button on the front panel.

Your Roku HD1000 should now be in initial setup mode. This is
indicated by the Power LED blinking to indicate video format
mode 1 (see table on page 7).

If your HD1000 is in initial setup mode, go to the beginning of
this chapter and follow the procedures outlined there to set up
your video mode.

If your HD1000 is not in initial setup mode (indicated by a
steady Power LED or no Power LED), unplug your Roku HD 1000
for 10 seconds. Plug it in again. Wait two minutes and repeat
this procedure.

And voila - it's now up and working.

So I've now got a $60 HD1000 B to play around with.

Thanks to everyone for a great forum and the useful posts.
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Re: What can you do with a Roku HD1000 B

Sat Aug 04, 2012 11:33 am

You may have found out all of this already, but I have a page with information on lots of PhotoBridge applications and customizations here:

I still use my PhotoBridges every day, mostly with VncSix for remotely accessing another computer, or for listening to music.

emanresu, what did you end up doing with your HD1000?

Andy Oliver
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Re: What can you do with a Roku HD1000 B

Thu Dec 06, 2012 4:57 am

I can browse thru the included Roku CF card art pack. I'm sure the Wi-Fi card is inserted properly. I have not tried a wired connection yet. I had originally bought the unit to play MP3 wirelessly. But if plan B is for a wired, I can live with that. Will you be able to walk me thru a wired setup? Thanks.

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