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Adding UPnP support to the HD1000

Thu Nov 18, 2004 8:22 pm

I have been doing some research lately into what it would take to have the HD1000 support UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) and have come up with some VERY preliminary code which works in a VERY limited way and I thought that I would share what I have so far.

Microsoft has developed and recently released (10/26/2004) an application called 'Windows Media Connect' which enables you to deliver music, photos, and videos that reside on your Windows XP PC to devices that support the UPnP protocol. This includes digital audio receivers, connected DVD players, set-top boxes and in the not too distant future, the Roku HD1000.

The application (UPnPPlayer.roku) that I created using the tools and information from Intel's site, will allow the HD1000 to be seen by the Windows Media Connect server as a AV Media Renderer.

Currently the only thing that it does is allow itself to be added as a device in the server application. After it is added, you can check it's properties and if you click on the 'Presentation URL' link, you will get a web page served up by the HD1000. Also if you check your 'Network Places' you will find the HD1000 Digital Media Player listed and if you right-click and select 'Invoke' you will get the same web page displayed in a browser window.

Besides serving up media for the HD1000, this technology can allow the HD1000 to be controlled from a remote web browser or even a handheld PC. I have some other ideas that I am currently working on which will expand this functionality even futher....

But for now it doesn't do much at all but if you get some of the tools from Intel, (UPnPSpy, UPnPSniffer and others) you will be able to monitor, communicate and perform test which will allow you to see what UPnP has to offer.

To download the ALPHA source and application that I created...

To download Windows Media Connect for WinXP released on 10/26/2004...

For the tools and information on UPnP from Intel...

For some insight on UPnP technology....

Enjoy :D
-BJ Johns
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Thu Nov 18, 2004 8:41 pm

"Hello From Your HD1000"

Very very cool!

It's probably important to note that XP (SP2) blocks access to UPnP devices by default in "My Network Places" but supplies a link in the Network Tasks pane to make the devices available.

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Sat Nov 20, 2004 11:43 am

Very cool! Keep up the good work. I've wanted to control the HD1000 from a web page for a while now - this definitely has potential.

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Sat Nov 20, 2004 5:16 pm


Looks like this is similar to Apple's Rendevouz. Is that correct or does it Go Beyound that. If so we would have to build the rendering engine on the Roku is that correct. ?

I am right now stuck trying to stream music from iTunes to Roku. I can browse the Playlists & all. Even Play the Songs, Just I have to download them to the Flash card & then play them. So one can run into problems of Free Space etc. So its not quite clean solution. So if you have insights into that I would appreciate it a lot. I think the HD1000 folks are pretty active & entusiastic folks & its sad for Roku to completely ignore this market space as I beleive that MediaServer (Video, Photos, Music) is the ultimate killer application.


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