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Shouldn't Roku be able to do better "Photo" in Photobridge?

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Poll: Shouldn't Roku do better with the "Photo" in

Thu Dec 01, 2005 11:21 am

Mine's going back because it really doesn't do a great job of the "Photo" in its name.

I have thousands of pictures on my network share.

Reasons why its going back:
* It gets stuck scanning the files
* It doesn't do random play of pictures
* It messes with the pictures aspect ratio. I haven't figured out why.

Things it should do better:
* Display pictures while scanning
* Shuffle mode
* Network shares. (I have a domain account, which is probably unusual, but I can't get it to log on, so I'm doing the beta thing for uPnP)
* It took lots of tries to get it to find my Windows Media Connect share (it doesn't seem to look unless I reboot, and then sometimes it seems to miss)

What it SHOULD do:
I hooked a cheap PC up to a spare LCD and just let it play "my pictures slideshow". My daughter likes to notice it and then play some of the pictures. It works great, with nice transitions and no fuss. I got the Roku because of the PC's fan noise.

Without a shuffle, the Photobridge is no fun as a photo frame type thing.
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Thu Dec 01, 2005 2:41 pm

I have over 5000 HUGE pictures on one of my shares and I have never had a scanning error or got locked up, so not sure what's going on there.

To me what it needs is the ability to:

A. Create a playlist on the fly so you can choose a set of folders and/or files to play as a slideshow

B. Display photos based on tags

Other than that it works great for me and I love the quality, zooming and rotating (though 2 way rotation would be nice). I've never noticed a scaling problem either. HiDef viewing is (supposedly) awesome too.
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Thu Dec 01, 2005 4:46 pm

Yeah, it does seem kind of crude, but then so does the music app. As someone else has already pointed out in another thread, most of the functionality is due to the wonderful third-party apps that have been written, and everyone's been focusing on either music or playing videos. Hopefully that will change some day.

Personally, I bought the PhotoBridge because I wanted something with a video output to stream music files (all of my components are tucked away in cabinets, and I didn't want anything but the plasma visible). It's doing a tremendous job at that (thanks bpwwer, TheEndless, and dtaubert). Playing video is cool, but probably not something I'm going to get into very heavily, at least right now (although MPlay is cool, too). I'm a happy camper.

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